A Style For Every Story


Brooch Bosses was created to cultivate awareness and display the positive characteristics of you and your life stories through fashionable expression. Our bow tie brooches carry meaning and display purpose through color, affirmations and cause. We have handcrafted bow tie brooches that will remind you of the best version of yourself every time you look in the mirror. You are powerful, you are beautiful, you are bold! We at Brooch Bosses believe that about you, and it’s time for you to join the movement and believe that too!


It doesn’t stop there. Ultimately our bow tie brooches are eye catching fashion statements. Our handcrafted bow tie brooches are surely unique and one of a kind. When wearing one, you will stand in your uniqueness. Whether your brooch tells your story, keeps you inspired, ties you to a cause or simply finishes off your ensemble, we are sure we have have a style for you!

Meet Our CEO


I often times hear “wow Sakija you’re so confident, you’re such a strong woman” and I would always express my gratitude but when receiving compliments as such, I would often times wonder why everyone thought because I carried myself so well and portrayed this confident woman, that I didn’t have a story to tell, that maybe my life was completely polished. No one really knew that I had a story. People would judge based on perception, but little did many know, I experienced some impactful trauma as a teen. 

So I created Brooch Bosses to empower and help build confidence and self worth. The affirmation bow tie brooches are created to remind you to be the best version of yourself! 

A style for every story